The Internet Connection: What Makes TIME high speed internet Malaysia The best

This allows you to connect the customer using a shorter copper section, through the unbundling of the subloop (SLU), or the secondary network. The reduction in the length of the twisted pair, brought to an average distance of less than 400 meters, allows for greater upstream and downstream bandwidth availability through VDSL2 (Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) technology. Using the TIME high speed internet Malaysia will offer you the best results now. (More info here)

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  • The new FTTN technology allows bringing integrated telephony and connectivity services with speeds up to 100 Mbps downstream and up to 30 Mbps upstream.
  • Time Internet is a pioneer in the use of optical fiber and is therefore able to offer fast connectivity solutions for companies. Investing in connection speeds brings unlimited benefits to your business.

The possibilities linked to the evolved business Data Center

Advanced business data center services

They are based on innovative technologies that allow your company to count on a completely virtual Data Center. Nowadays it is possible to have a totally virtual infrastructure, with all the characteristics of a physical structure and with further advantages linked to its specific nature. This kind of infrastructure is in fact able to contain any type of server that performs different types of functions, from development to other applications. Furthermore, adopting a virtual solution also entails other benefits, including that of following and molding company needs in a dynamic, transparent and real-time manner. Secondly, the company will not have to bear any kind of additional cost related to the maintenance of a physical structure; finally, the advantages are added extremely high reliability of the infrastructure, protected by latest generation technologies and powerful firewalls, which will guarantee your company data total protection.

Time Internet follows technological advances and is therefore able to support companies with advanced business Data Center solutions, providing a high-tech service.

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Data Options: additional domains and IP addresses designed for companies

The best solutions for unlimited business traffic

Internet browsing is now the basis of any work activity and not: more and more companies are looking for solutions to obtain unlimited Internet traffic for their companies. The trend is also confirmed by the Audiweb surveys, which indicate that in the summer months of 2021, 26.9 million people connected to the Internet at least once from a computer.