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How The Pandemic Changed Grocery Shopping

A year into the pandemic and multiple restrictions/lockdowns, our habits with grocery shopping will never be the same. There have been so many unprecedented changes since the beginning of 2020. Today, we are very habituated to these changes. Retailers including grocers had to adapt to the new form of chaos brought on by the waves of lockdown and the undeniable effect it has on grocery shopping. 

While we the occasional pulling the trolley and screening for good brands in grocery aisles, what’s more, absent is the energetic environment around grocery shopping. Psychologically the act of shopping for groceries has been a social aspect of our life. It has become a way to bond with our partners, children and even enjoys a little time by ourselves.

However, the frequency of grocery shopping has changed and now so has our love for it. Just because the number of times we go to grocery stores has changed does not mean that it is completely gone from our lives. Today, now there are few things that need to be relearned and uncovered from consumer behavior. 

The pandemic has definitely changed the hours we go grocery shopping. Until now most of us have taken grocery shopping trips in the coolness of the evening. Right before the sunset greets us, we pack our grocery bags into the car and go to our favorite stores. But nowadays, the hours of the day we go shopping have changed. It went from being around 5 PM of the day to being early in the morning. People did this to avoid the rush hours and the long queues outside the grocery stores. Many even took the morning as the time to give senior citizens the time to shop. Grocery stores allocated everyone who is older and senior to shop from morning till afternoon. 

The pandemic also meant no more spontaneous trips to the grocery store. Our grocery store time had to be planned weeks ahead with our pantry in mind. It was always wiser to avoid crowds and queues, especially in the middle of a raging third or fourth wave of lockdown.  Grocery shopping is only done on weekdays rather than weekends. As more and mor people stayed home for work, they took their time within the weekdays in order to avoid the crowds of the weekend. Granted that crowds are not as nearly big as they used to be, people still would rather avoid even a small gathering in a cramped store. Weekends also meant longer lines and more time spent in the infection fests.

Grocery shopping is also not as fun as it used to be. They are purely driven by a goal and essentials. A goal is to get our necessities quickly and run back out. People have also begun to frequently use same day grocery delivery malaysia to avoid an unpleasant visit to the grocery store. It is not that the store itself is unattractive or unappealing. It is the ordeal of wearing a mask, waiting in lines, social distancing, and avoiding touching objects. All of the things that strip away the joy of grocery shopping. …