How To Store Sex Toys: 5 Tips For Proper Storage

Using sex toys is one of the best methods to spice up one’s sex life. According to a recent survey, more than a quarter of Americans purchased sex toys in the previous year. Owners of sex toys should safeguard their possessions. The majority of owners believe that storing their sex toys entails putting them away from inquisitive eyes in a cupboard. The truth is that there’s more to storing sex toys than meets the eye.

You must know how to store sex toys in order for them to survive as long as possible. You should also understand how to look after them. Read this post for five key suggestions on how to store sex toys.

  1. Pick the right storage container

Drawers and cabinets are common places for owners to store their sex toys. Another typical storage option for sex toys is behind the mattress. The issue with these storage methods is that dust will inevitably accumulate. Silicone or jelly rubber is used to make the majority of sex toys. Dust, lint, and other particles are attracted to these materials.

The debris should not be on your sex devices because it will enter the body. Keep your sex toys in their original box to avoid getting them dirty. Use a satin sack and put them in a plastic container if you don’t have the original packing.

The sex toys will last longer if they are stored properly. Following these sex toy storage techniques will extend the life of your toys.

  1. Before and after each usage, wash the sex toys

You might believe that folks who own sex toys clean them frequently. Not in the least. Many folks either forget or don’t bother to do so at all. The number of infections that can be contracted from using filthy sex toys is alarming. Use a water-based sex toy cleanser if at all possible. Dry your sex toys once they’ve been washed. In a wet atmosphere, bacteria can grow. This is an important step in ensuring that the toys are as clean as possible.

  1. Use caution when sharing sex toys

When exchanging sex toys, be cautious. If you share your sex toys, it’s necessary to wash them. When sharing porous toys, use a condom because porous materials are difficult to clean between usage. Avoid sharing permeable sex toys with others.

  1. Inspect the sex toys for damage

Examine your sex toys for any signs of wear and tear. Examine your plastic toys for fractures and splintering. Check your glass sex toys for chips as well.

  1. Discard damaged sex toys

Any sex toys with cracks, chips, or other damage should be discarded. Bacteria and other creatures can find their way inside cracks. As a result, infections and other issues may arise. If you’re seeking a great deal on sex toys to replace your broken ones, head to Secret Cherry adult sex toy Malaysia.

How to store sex toys

There’s a better chance your sex toys will live longer now that you know how to store them. Keep them in an airtight container away from dust. After each use, wash them. Examine the toys for any damage. Be aware of the implications if you share them.

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