Different Types of Digital Signage

There are four different forms of digital signage. The best one is by XYREON with best digital signage player malaysia


Different subcategories exist within the digital signage industry. Listed below are a few examples:


  • Digital signage that changes with the times
  • Digital signage that is automatically updated
  • Digital Signage Promotion
  • Digital signage that is interactive


Digital signage that changes with the times

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The presentation of pictures and videos in a full-page or multi-area model on interior and outside displays that primarily rely on LCD and DEL technologies is known as dynamic digital signage. The material is displayed according to a predetermined schedule and length based on digital display best practices (audience, objectives and content strategies).


It’s often used in retail, healthcare (particularly in clinics and medical centers), and fast food.


Digital signage that is automatically updated

Automated digital signage is less well-known, despite the fact that it has been used in residential property for over 15 years to advertise houses for sale or rent. In public transportation, automation is also quite common, with timetables indicating when the following trains or vehicles will arrive. In factories, automated signage is becoming more common to display performance indicators such as production measurements, quality metrics, and health and safety warnings.

Its popularity has grown in recent years as a result of a rising number of urban initiatives, such as “smart” cities. Automated digital signage is distinguished by its reliance on cutting-edge digital display technologies based on the newest standardized HTML5 languages, which incorporate open data and interoperable ideas.


Digital Signage Promotion

Larger cities surrounding highways have a great presence of advertising digital signs, where we may observe eye-catching advertisement panels with LED-type displays.

In subways, bus stops, and certain urban projects, these sorts of displays are very popular (usually caller Morris columns). These installations necessitate LCD panels with a high degree of brightness and specific software that integrates CRM modules for customer and contract administration, as well as invoicing functionality. These systems provide enhanced display reports (sometimes known as “proof of play”), which are required by marketers and their agencies that spend a lot of money to deliver ads.


Digital signage that is interactivebest digital signage player malaysia

There are numerous distinct names for interactive digital signage. They were first known as ‘interactive terminals,’ then as ‘interactive kiosks,’ in the early 2000s. Despite the fact that interactive kiosks have already been operating for over 20 years, the desire for interactive infrastructure projects has given rise to a new term:’smart kiosk.’


Building-based smart kiosks

Business owners have been choosing this types of signage. Choose it now rather than regretting it.


Hotel and conference center smart kiosks

Over the last several years,  XYREON has had the chance to implement a number of smart kiosk solutions in the hotel and convention centre sectors. The construction of a digital display system that would incorporate a centralised event management schedule to be presented on screens located near conference doors was a typical aim requested by clients. These monitors are utilised to display events and marketing for the hotel’s and conference center’s various services.